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Home Styling for Stunning Results

When it comes to selling your biggest asset your desire to achieve the maximum return will only be equalled by the attention to detail in the styling of your home. Clean colours present a calm atmosphere and convey the pride of the home owner, inviting a sense of warmth and space, freedom of movement. Allow the buyer to imagine themselves in your home with the removal of any personal items and busy furniture arrangements. Without this clutter they can now visualise their lives fulfilled in "their next step" in home ownership.

Refer to the Listing Guide below ...

Real Estate Agent and the Home Owners Price Guide

The Home Beautiful Shoot ~ $865

Prepare to be flustered over the extent of pictures created with this shoot for the Million Dollar Home. The title description is not just it's spacious rooms but the detailed fittings and plush appointments creating the atmosphere and desire to be within. Considerations are made for light and time of the day making this "home beautiful" ready for the pages of the high end glossy brochure.

* Up to 4 Hours with unlimited Pictures *

Consultation Walk through Shoot Pre-Plan,

Exterior Front views,

Exterior Rear/Backyard,

Kitchen Angles and Appliances,

Dining and Living Areas,

Bedrooms and Ensuite,

Movie / Entertainment Rooms,

Billiards / Games Room,

The Blokes "Man Cave" Toy Room,

Pool / Detached Pool Rooms / Kitchen,

Views from the Verandah,

Twilight View with Glowing Interior Lights,

and much more......

Dusk / Twilight ~ $285

Styled Pictures created during the "Magic Hour" are simply a stunning drawcard for your property

The Budget Home Beautiful Shoot ~ $425

From multi storey homes to rural properties, the home owner will take particular attention to style their investment to attract the most discerning buyer. Open plan with multiple ensuite or family living areas are the big draw card for this property. Considerations are made for light and time of the day making these pictures shine in newspaper or web publications.

* Up to 20 Pictures *

Exterior Front views,

Exterior Rear/Backyard,

Kitchen Angles,

Dining and Living Areas,

Bedrooms and Ensuite,

Movie / Entertainment Rooms,

The Blokes "Man Cave" Toy Room,

Pool / Detached Pool Rooms,

Views from the Verandah,

(Extra Pictures from $10 each)

Elevated Mast System ~ $155

Single and Multi story buildings benefit greatly by including more of the property not visible by ground level pictures, avoiding fences and street obstacles.

Commercial Sites ~ $195

Commercial Buildings include pictures of their streetscape location from ground level and the Elevated Pole System. A variety of Interior Pictures may also be included at only $15 each

The Quick to Market Shoot ~ $265

Agents, Home Owners and Property Investors will take the opportunity of a fluctuating market to quickly place property on the market with a specific targeted advertising budget.

A limited number of daylight pictures to showcase Units and Smaller Homes within the city limits.

*Up to 10 Pictures*

Exterior Front views,

Exterior Rear/Backyard,


Dining / Living Area,

Bedrooms / Ensuite,

(Extra Pictures from $15 each)

House Plans

Agents utilise this great marketing tool for brochures. During open inspections, prospective buyers can be seen marking the plan with their own furniture, an early indication of a hot lead. Plans include rooms L/W measurements.

House Plans from ~ $85

in combination with photography shoots


3 Bedroom Home ~ $85

5 Bedroom Home ~ $115

Extras ~ $45

Pools, Detached Dwellings and Streetscapes